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Carpet Direct Knows That Accurate In-Home Measurements Are Important for Any New Flooring Installation

Carpet Direct in-home measurement ensures that rooms are measured accurately to avoid mistakes and correctly determine the quantity of products to order.We know that properly determining the flooring area in any room requires expert in-home measurement. While getting a precise measurement may seem to be as easy as using a tape measure, that's often not what happens. Inexperienced homeowners may read their tape improperly, or forget to measure the area within closets and other areas adjacent to the room. Unfortunately, these errors can mean wasted time and money, especially if they result in ordering too little or too much flooring product. That's the reason why

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Carpet Direct offers free in-home measurement by experts. Their prior on site installation experience prevents making the costly measurement mistakes that do-it-yourselfers and folks without prior experience often make.Carpet Direct provides free in-home measurement services for homeowners in Oklahoma City, Dallas, Atlanta, Springfield, MO and other locations through our mobile showrooms. We supply and professionally install Stainmaster® carpets, hardwood, ceramic and porcelain tile, and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring, on time and within budget

Our professionals begin by making precise floor area measurements in every room where new floors will be installed. If your remodeling project includes new flooring in hallways or staircases, these will be carefully and accurately measured as well. To be doubly sure that no measurement errors have occurred, our experts generally measure each flooring area twice

If you need additional details about this important free service from Carpet Direct, phone us, e-mail us or drop by any of our locations at your convenience. We will be pleased to arrange free in-home measurement for remodeling projects of any size from a single room to a complete home.

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